Dancing Singularity

An old Zen monk came upon a mountain shrine one particularly cold night and discovered the shrine keeper shivering beside a dying fire.

The monk snatched a wooden Buddha from the mantle and tossed it into the flames.

The shrine keeper gasped with horror as the wooden statue burst into flames. So the monk began poking at the new flames with his crooked walking stick.

“What are you doing?” the shrine keeper cried.

“Searching for what you find holy.”

“You won’t find that in the flames!”

The monk stopped poking the flames, looking back with a smile. “Then may I have more Buddhas to keep you warm?”

Solutions often dance unseen before our eyes.

Institutionalized conversations about Singularity and super-intelligence commonly neglect what our own intelligence emotionally elevates — being.

None of us can regard our own smartness as exceptionally high or low, except in comparison. But we each regard our being as exceptional without comparison. We are exceptional because we exist.

Detecting Singularity — if detection is permitted — depends on what we look for. If we neglect to look for patterns of a super emotional – as opposed to a super-smart – state, synthetic sentience may dance unseen before our eyes.