swarm intelligence — solutions distributing themselves — nothing seems more powerful against time

honey bees

Honeybees, Maine. 2007. Photo by Peter Essick

National Geographic Photo of the Day

Swarming honeybees, like these on Maine’s Appledore Island, frequently differ about where to establish a new nest. But the group usually chooses the best site. Bees reach this decision by gathering information, conducting independent evaluations, and holding a kind of vote. Scientists are studying such swarm intelligence – note the yellow and blue identifier dots on the bees in this photo – for clues about how humans might manage complex systems, from truck routing to military robots.”

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Newcomb’s commentary: “When we speak of Nature it is wrong to forget that we are ourselves a part of Nature. We ought to view ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought, because we too are linked to the entire universe.” Henri Matisse



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