CMU gets $14.4 million to improve robo-tanks — is SIAI’s laudable quest to contain AI to “friendly AI” becoming a fool’s errand?




Carnegie Mellon gets $14.4 million to build robo-tank

Layer 8  Network World

Unmanned aircraft are showing up in the skies more often and today the US Army awarded $14.4 million to Carnegie Mellon to build a remote-controlled unmanned tank./”A certain amount of the award will go toward significantly improving the Crusher, a 6.5-ton unmanned support vehicle Carnegie engineers developed in 2006 in conjunction with DARPA. Since its introduction, the Crusher has demonstrated unparalleled toughness and mobility during extensive field trials in extremely rugged terrain, according to Carnegie Mellon.

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“Ultimately unmanned ground vehicles would be outfitted with anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles and anti-personnel weapon to make them lethal.” . . . (full article)

Image credit: Layer 8

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Newcomb’s commentary:  “The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one.” Heraclitus



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