DARPA CALO — AI learns to detect intention

Denver Nuggets

detecting intention in basketball


Software That Learns From Users

Nomi Ali

” . . . University of Washington computer science professor Pedro Domingos is developing CALO, a massive, four-year-old artificial intelligence project to help computers understand human intentions. The DARPA-funded project involves researchers from 25 universities and corporations focusing on many areas of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, natural-language processing, and Semantic Web technologies. CALO, which stands for “cognitive assistant that learns and organizes,” tries to help users by managing information about key people and projects, understanding and organizing information from meetings, and learning and automating routine tasks” . . . .  The ultimate goal is to build an artificial intelligence that can serve as a personal assistant that can learn about a user’s needs and preferences and adapt to them without having to be reprogrammed. “It’s an amazingly large thing, and it’s insanely ambitious… But if CALO succeeds, it’ll be quite a revolution.” . . . (full article)

Image credit: NBA/Denver Nuggets

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Newcomb’s commentary:  “Without local guides, your enemy employs the land as a weapon against you.” Sun Tzu



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