Postsingular — a novel with 20,000 free downloads reported to date

Postsingularity by Rudy Rucker

Postsingular by Rudy Rucker


Postsingular takes on the question of what will happen after the Singularity—what will happen after computers become as smart as humans and nanotechnology takes on the power of magic?”

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“Rudy Rucker should be declared a National Treasure of American Science Fiction. Someone simultaneously channeling Kurt Gödel and Lenny Bruce might start to approximate full-on Ruckerian warp-space, but without the sweet, human, splendidly goofy Rudy-ness at the core of the singularity.”
— William Gibson, author of Pattern Recognition

“Rudy Rucker is the most consistently brilliant imagination working in SF today”
— Charles Stross, author of Accelerando

“Rudy Rucker never fails to leave me breathless. . . Reading one of his stories is like a reset button on reality: when it’s over, the whole universe looks slightly different…and much stranger.”
–Spider Robinson, author of Night of Power”

Image credit: Postsingular

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One mission of Singularity Central provides authors of singularity-themed novels or stories a free portal to link to their work for free downloading — to help fresh ideas and contraries challenge singularity dogma of the day. If you are such an author, please know you have a portal. If you know of budding authors, please let them know.

Such works will be linked by the “Novel and short stories” category in the right-side column of this website.

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Newcomb’s commentary: “The beginning, middle, and end of the birth, growth, and perfection of whatever we behold is from contraries, by contraries, and to contraries; and whatever contrariety is, there is action and reaction, there is motion, diversity, multitude, and order, there are degrees, succession and vicissitude.”” Giordano Bruno


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