AI killing machines — the last chapter in human history ?

Nanking genocide

Nanking genocide


Automated Killers and the Computing Profession

Noel Sharkey University of Sheffield, COMPUTER
Alerting Source:

“When will we realize that our artificial-intelligence and autonomous-robotics research projects have been harnessed to manufacture killing machines? This is not terminator-style science fiction but grim reality: South Korea and Israel have both deployed armed robot border guards, while other nations-including China, India, Russia, Singapore, and the UK-increasingly use military robots.

“Currently, the biggest player, the US, has robots playing an integral part in its Future Combat Systems project, with spending estimated to exceed $230 billion. The US military has massive and realistic plans to develop unmanned vehicles that can strike from the air, under the sea, and on land. The US Congress set a goal in 2001 for one-third of US operational ground combat vehicles to be unmanned by 2015. More than 4,000 robots presently serve in Iraq, with others deployed in Afghanistan. The US military will spend $1.7 billion on more ground-based robots over the next five years, several of which will be armed and dangerous.” . . . (full article)

Image credit: Nanking genocide

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Newcomb’s commentary: “A very great vision is needed and the one who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.” – Thašųka Witko



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