Robotic AI as Nature 2.0 … and a new form of human art ?

Offroad Löscheinheit (OLE) beetle

Offroad Löscheinheit beetle


Think Artificial by Hrafn

Wild Robots and Wildfire: Nature 2.0


“One of the things that I really want to do is to make robots that live in the wild. We don’t yet have technology that’s cheap enough, but you can bet we will soon – and when that happens you’ll find me releasing hordes of intelligent machines into the wild.

* * *

“Let me take my head from the clouds and talk about something closer to reality. The Offroad Löscheinheit (OLE) beetle is a robot being developed by the German University of Magdeburg-Stendal, intended to monitor and extinguish forest fires.

“The OLE is biologically inspired, like so many other robots, modeled after the pill millipede – beetles with several body segments that make them capable of rolling into a ball. Similarly, when the OLE detects danger – such as too much heat – it can roll into a ball. Its shell then protects the delicate electronic innards from heat ranging to 1,300 degrees celsius. When it’s not balled up, it’s six legs can move it at around 10-20km per hour, depending on environmental conditions. And according to its makers, 30 OLE robots could patrol a 7,000 square kilometer area.

“Semi-wild Robots are Viable/Robots in the wild aren’t just conceptually appealing for the AI & science-fiction enthusiasts like myself. They’re on the verge of being practical and commercially viable.

* * *

“So the future is bright for artificial creature lovers. I’ve had several ideas that I’d love to implement one day. They’re artistically focused; ie. have no immediate practical value except to extend people’s horizon on what the future holds. One revolves around having a robot wildlife area in the lava-ridden outskirts of Reykjavik. A pack of robots, say 10-20 would ‘live’ there, hiding in shadowy places, but regularly come out to absorb energy from the sun, explore and be seen.” . . . (full article)

Image credit: Think Artificial

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Newcomb’s commentary: “Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” Anaïs Nin



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