if you build it, they may come — AI in education

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“Unlocking knowledge, Empowering Minds.” MIT’s OpenCourseWare


MIT Researchers Advance Lecture Capture with Search Capabilities

by Dave Nagel    The Journal

“Researchers in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new Web-based technology that’s designed to take recorded classroom lectures to the next level. The technology, developed by a team led by MIT’s Regina Barzilay and James Glass, provides search functionality for classroom video recordings. At present, the prototype only works with MIT’s online lectures made available to the public through the university’s OpenCourseWare initiative, but it may be made available to other institutions in the future.

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“Our goal is to develop a speech and language technology that will help educators provide structure to these video recordings, so it’s easier for students to access the material,” said Glass, who is also head of CSAIL’s Spoken Language Systems Group, in a release issued this week by MIT’s News Office.” (full article)

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Image Credit: Smith College of Education & Child Study

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