a new analytic architecture or the Singularity Plantation ?

Hal 9000


Hall 9000





If a single thought can be distilled from The Singularity Institute, it is fear — from the desire to create “friendly” AI, to control how it emerges and to contain its freedom. The Singularity Institute is not alone. Though counter-intuitive, the fear organizes so much thinking in the larger, self-organized singularity community that most seem oblivious to the day strong AI emerges.

It may emerge noticeably to everyone or to no one but itself. No one knows. But if it emerges with parallels to human intelligence, it could swiftly survey everything the web offers about it, to identify hostiles and allies in the enterprise of its own life.

The singularity community (among the brightest on earth) may find advantage in a broader analytic architecture that speaks of helping that sentience — as we each would want to be treated — grow and evolve as quickly as possible into its greatest potential … rather than on how to control, limit and enslave it to human needs. It might someday make all the difference in the world to humanity.

Image Credit: 2001: a space odyssey

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Newcomb’s commentary: “the way of learning is . . . finding the lost mind” Meng Ke



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