high-speed, high-priority pattern recognition in information-rich environs — follow the brain storms ?

Brain Waves -- Sanger Institute


Brain Waves — Sanger Institute


Honeywell Uses Brainwaves to Enhance Image Analysis

By Andy Pasztor Wall Street Journal November 11, 20 12:33 a.m.


Honeywell International Inc., seeking to speed up how fast humans can analyze intelligence data such as aerial photographs, is testing a system that monitors analysts’ brains for early signs of electrical activity when they see something interesting.

“. . . the three-year old project instantaneously keys on certain faint neural signals — before analysts themselves can consciously react to them — as a way to identify and flag images worthy of further assessment. Supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, tests so far have allowed human analysts to process images five to seven times faster than current computer-based methods , said Bob Smith, head of the advanced technology group for Honeywell’s aerospace unit. ”

* * *

“The project uses head-mounted sensors to detect brain signals associated with the recognition of targets analysts are looking for. Initially, images are flashed in front of them in bursts of 10 to 20 per second. That high-speed scan is followed by slower and systematic analysis of the portion of images deemed by the brainwave monitor to most likely to contain the desired data.

* * *

“‘The result has been “remarkable speed improvements” in analysis because of the system’s “capability to filter out the background,” Smith said in a recent interview. He compared the principle to seeing “something out of the corner of your eye” before being able to describe or realize exactly what it is.” [emphasis by Newcomb]. . . (full article)

Image Credit: Sanger Institute

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Newcomb’s commentary: Action expresses priorities.” Mahatma Gandhi



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