AI as BI — like corporations, should AIs have the right to own, buy and sell property?

wealth -- Chinese caligraphy


wealth — Chinese caligraphy


BI in SA – a continuing evolution

Original:  Computing SA  8 Nov. 2007


“In SA, the implementation and use of Business Intelligence (BI) systems has come a long way over the last five years, reaching high levels of maturity in numerous organisations.

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“Says Carlo Gunter of institute, a business solutions provider: ‘BI was previously regarded by business as a “nice to have”. Now it is essential to global competitiveness. From mere delivery of departmental reports, BI is becoming an integral tool for the entire enterprise. Acknowledged as a key component within the Performance Management (PM) agenda and Business Process Management (BPM), the next frontier is where BI will be used to assist organisations to get a more accurate view of their future business landscape, utilising predictive analysis.’

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“. . . Explains Gunter: ‘As organisations begin to structure their data better, it grows from a mere random collection of facts and figures (data) to become information. With more information to hand, organisational knowledge grows. This knowledge can be applied in ways that provide a glimpse into the future. Predictive modelling, which falls into the realm of artificial intelligence, is a prime example.’

“‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses past experience and historical information to find predictable patterns that clarify the future – an accurate weather channel for data if you like. For example, if a company wishes to introduce a new product into the market, predictive modelling makes use of historical and current business performance data (such as sales figures, financial behaviour and customer profiles) to give the organisation a clear idea of which segment of its client base is most likely to purchase the product and how it will fare.'” . . . (full article)

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Newcomb’s commentary: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. ” William Butler Yeats



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