struggling for others improves communication skills — what might both bring to AI?

Dr. Mohammed Kadous


Dr. Mohammed Kadous


Google taps UNSW doc for programming

Sanna Trad Australian IT November 07, 2007


ONE of Australia’s leading researchers in artificial intelligence, who developed a computer system that can read sign language, is set to join internet giant Google in the US.

Mohammed Waleed Kadous, a senior research fellow at the University of NSW in the school of computer science and engineering, will be leaving this month after being offered a two-year contract to work in software engineering for the company.

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“Dr Kadous’s research areas include artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and human-robot interfaces.

“In 2002, when he was a PhD student at UNSW, Dr Kadous developed a computer that could read sign language with 98 per cent accuracy.

“‘My work has always focused on using computers to make it easier for people to communicate,’ he said.

“Dr Kadous has dedicated his spare time to civil rights. In 2001 he founded the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network which, in conjunction with the University of Technology, Sydney, released a 2004 booklet ASIO, the Police and You, detailing anti-terror laws.

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“‘My volunteer work has improved my ability to communicate ideas, especially under a lot of pressure,” he said. [emphasis by Newcomb]” . . . (full article)

Image Credit: Australian IT

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Newcomb’s commentary: “I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move.”  Rosa Parks



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