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Meditation raindrop


Meditation raindrop


Why Google Turned Into a Social Butterfly



Original Source: by Randall Stross reporting for Digital Domain: Technology: New York Times

Alerting source: Complexity Digest 2007, 43, # 1 Why Google Turned Into a Social Butterfly, NY Times


FACEBOOK is an island. A most convivial island, with one’s classmates, friends, workmates and family members close at hand. An island that since May has been enlivened with entertaining fauna and flora in the form of minisoftware applications. But it’s still an island.

“Suppose, however, that you could leave the island compound of a social networking site and take your network of friends, and friends of friends, anywhere on the Web? This is what makes Google‘s announcement last week of a new alliance of companies so enticing – the possibility that social networking will become ubiquitous.

“Google’s vision – “Social Will Be Everywhere” – is more compelling than anything Facebook could possibly devise. Who wouldn’t prefer the unlimited freedom to take one’s own trusted circle anywhere on the Web, as opposed to the cramped confines of island life?

“And when has an island economy, even a well-provisioned one, ever matched the offerings of the entire Web? (Just ask AOL)” … (full article)

Image Credit: Liquid Sculpture

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Newcomb’s commentary: “No raindrop sees itself as responsible for the flood.” (unknown)



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