AI pattern recognition, one face at a time

3d face


Stereo Recognition for 3D Face Recognition


China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc., Introduces Intelligent Video Surveillance System


Original Source: Xinhua-PRNewswire/ The Voice of China Business

Alerting Source:


China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. [CSST] . . . , a leading provider of digital surveillance technology in China, announced recent developments from the company’s participation in the 11th China Public Security Expo (CPSE) held Nov. 1-4 in Shenzhen, China.

“. . . The Intelligent Video Surveillance System is capable of detecting, tracking, recognizing, and providing real-time analysis of targets in a security zone, in effect replacing traditional passive surveillance with next generation active surveillance. Combined with its automatic alarm function, recording capability, and overall level of automation, the Intelligent Video Surveillance System is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence [also see, see] and computer vision.

The system, which was created through the joint efforts of China Security’s Research Center, The Mobile Video Networking Research Center of Beijing University, and The National Key Lab of Multimedia at Wuhan University, has resulted in two recent contract wins for CSST, one for an “Intelligent Video Analyzing System” and the other for a “Face Recognition System.” . . . (full article)

Image Credict: Daniel Bardsley

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