Carnegie Mellon wins DARPA’s Urban Challenge and $2,000,000 prize

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Original: 4 Nov. 2007 Reuters



Carnegie Mellon Wins DARPA Robot Car Challenge


“A souped-up Chevy Tahoe sports utility vehicle with a mind of its own was declared the winner of a robot car race on Sunday after it traveled without help from humans for six hours and 60 miles around a California ghost town.

“Nicknamed Boss, the vehicle from Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh won a $2 million prize in the third such race sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, which wants robots eventually to drive military supply vehicles.

“The entrants-including station wagons and a huge green military truck all decked out with flashing lights, warning sirens, spinning laser range finders and cameras-looked like mini-versions of the “monster” trucks that duel at arenas around the United States. Only six vehicles out of 11 finalists finished the course on an abandoned military base on Saturday.

“The winners were determined overnight based on safety as well as speed. Stanford University, which won a 2005 race, came in second and Virginia Tech finished third.” . . . (full article)

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Newcomb’s commentary: “Aim for the highest” Andrew Carnegie


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