neural networks — a breath of fresh air



See how pollution affects your lungs 
Original: ScienceDirect

From diagnosis to prognosis for forecasting air pollution using neural networks: Air pollution monitoring in Bilbao

Gabriel Ibarra-Berasteg, Ana Elias, Jon Saenz, Agustin Ezcurra and Javier Diaz de Argandoña

“Available online 30 October 2007”

“Software available” (full article)


“This work focuses on the prediction of hourly levels up to 8 hour ahead for five pollutants (SO2, CO, NO2, NO [see] and O3) and six locations in the area of Bilbao (Spain). To that end, 216 models based on neural networks (NNs) were built. The database used to fit the NNs were historical records of the traffic, meteorological and air pollution networks existing in the area corresponding to year 2000. Then, the models were tested on data from the same networks but corresponding to year 2001.

* * *

“The use of these models based on NNs can provide Bilbao’s air pollution network originally designed for diagnosis purposes, with short-term, real time forecasting capabilities. ” (full article)

Image source: Clean air

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