if you build it, they may come — marine robots





Robot Boats Hunt High-Tech Pirates on the High-Speed Seas

 Original Source: Popular Mechanics   Alerting Source:  Gizmodo


Piracy has exploded in the waters near Somalia, where this past week United States warships have fired on two pirate skiffs, and are currently in pursuit of a hijacked Japanese-owned vessel. At least four other ships in the region remain under pirate control, and the problem appears to be going global: The International Maritime Bureau is tracking a 14-percent increase in worldwide pirate attacks this year.

* * *

“In one particularly sobering case, hijackers killed one crew member of a Taiwan-owned vessel each month until their demands were met.

*  *  *

“This past summer, Florida-based Marine Robotic Vessels International (MRVI) unveiled a USV [unmanned surface vessel] that emphasizes reconnaissance over firepower. The 21-ft.-long Interceptor can travel at up to 55 mph, and is designed to be piloted both remotely and autonomously.

“For a patrol boat, autonomous control would be a huge advantage, allowing it to traverse huge stretches of open sea, instead of having to remain within radio range of a given vessel.

* * *

According to MRVI President Dan Murphy, the Interceptor is available now. But the USV market is just getting started. [emphasis by Newcomb]” . . .  (full article)

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Newcomb’s commentary: “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” Bill Gates



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