if you build it, they may come — AI eyes

machine eye


Original: Engineering News 2 Nov. 2007


Machine Vision Sees the Light in Tampere


“The convergence of information technology (IT) and biotechnology, or bioinformatics, has taken a giant leap forward in Finland.

“Finnish company Chip-Man Technologies, of Tampere, has developed a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence [see see] for the continuous automated monitoring and analysis of cell cultures. This is the first company in the world to develop such technology, which plays to Finland’s strengths in IT and biotechnology. The company has set its sights on a share of the growing cell biology market, which has been valued at $500 million.

“At about the same time as computing was being harnessed for the genome project [see] in Finland, artificial intelligence and machine vision were being considered as applications for cell culturing.

* * *

Moore’s Law was in play, so it is only in the last few years that computing has approached the power needed for visual data monitoring and the processing of biological systems.

“‘We came up with the idea to develop a system that fully automates the culture of cells, while continuously analysing the culture’svisual and parametric data outputs. A feature of our innovation is that it uses artificial intelligence.’

“The artificial intelligence program can be ‘taught‘ by the researcher, thus enhancing the intelligence of the system. This enables certain predefined parameters in an incubation to be analysed. The system can measure two or more cell types in the same incubation, and primary cells and stem cells can be analysed as well. All these have important applications in new drug and stem-cell research.” … (full article)


Image Source: Huffington Post



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