society awakening to longevity escape velocity ?




photo by Jean Guichard



Longevity escape velocity – buying time to buy time and saving 100,000 lives a day.

In his SIAI Interview Series, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, gerontologist, co-founder of The Methuselah Foundation and advisor to The Singularity Institute, believes turbulencepandemonium — may arise when society widely anticipates we don’t have to die from ageing. If he’s right, the emergence has begun.

“Author asserts that aging can be cured”

31 Oct. 2007 / Kansas / original Washington Post

“… De Grey argues that some people alive today will live in a robust and youthful fashion for 1,000 years.

* * *

“Dodging death has long been a dream.

“Our earliest recorded legend is that of Gilgamesh, who finds and loses the secret of immortality. Aubrey de Grey, 44, recently of Britain’s Cambridge University, advocates not myth but “strategies for engineering negligible senescence.” It means curing aging.

“… de Grey thinks that scientists may, within a decade, triple the remaining life span of late-middle-age mice. The day this announcement is made, he thinks, the news will hit people like a brick as they realize that their cells could be next. He speculates that people will start abandoning risky jobs, such as being police officers, or soldiers.” (full article)

Article Source: Kansas

Original Source: Washington Post

Photo Source: Jean Guichard – official website

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Newcomb’s commentary: “I am awake.” Buddha



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