enslaving singularity?


Leonidas Expeditions


Original: Singularity Debate Michael Anissimov Accelerating the Future




“… I have been debating Berkeley professor of rhetoric Dale Carrico more or less non-stop. This morning, responding to his criticisms of the Singularity Institute (SIAI), I wrote a summary of reasons to support the organization . . .

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“If intelligence enhancement tech really does produce a superintelligence (see also * * *), then we have a moral duty to maximize the probability that said superintelligence cares about humanity as a whole, not itself or any narrow group of humans.” . . . (full article)

Article Source: Accelerating the Future

Photo Source: Leonidas Expeditions

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Newcomb’s commentary: “The Lacedaemonians, when their own interests or their country’s laws are in question, are the worthiest men alive; of their conduct towards others much might be said, but no clearer idea of it could be given than by shortly saying that of all the men we know they are most conspicuous in considering what is agreeable honorable, and what is expedient just.” Athenians, Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War, Chapter XVII (Melian Dialogue)



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