Burning Man 2005

Nanotech Needs Ethical Framework, Says Expert


“We’re trying to bring some balance to the debate.” Dr. Patrick Lin, Dir., The Nanoethics Group


Dr. Lin

Liese Klein 29 Oct. 2007 Connecticut Business News Journal New Haven Business

“… The nanotechnology now celebrated for its potential to revolutionize drug delivery and surgery must also be scrutinized for its potential ethical dilemmas, according to an expert in the new field of ‘nanoethics.’

Patrick Lin, director of the Silicon Valley-based Nanoethics Group, spoke to Yale‘s Technology and Ethics Working Group on October 10 about the promise and perils of the new science.

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“‘As quickly as technology moves, ethics moves much, much slower,’ Lin said. ‘Theoretical problems are now looking to be practical problems.’

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“In medicine, nanotechnology’s potential to extend life span raises issues of access and the ethics of all kinds of human enhancement.

* * *

In the field of nanoethics, Lin said, scientists are expanding on the existing fields of bioethics and computer ethics and considering the ramifications of the promising technology. The Nanoethics Group‘s primary focus is an anthology published this year on topics like molecular manufacturing, space exploration and artificial intelligence [see, see, see].” … (full article)

Article Source: Connecticut Business New Journal

Photo Source: Burning Man 2005

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Newcomb’s commentary: “Thought cannot avoid the ethical or reverence and love for all life. It will abandon the old confined systems of ethics and … recognize the ethics that knows no bounds. But on the other hand, those who believe in love for all creation must realize clearly the difficulties involved in the problem of a boundless ethic and must be resolved not to veil from humankind the conflicts which this ethic will involve us, but allow us really to experience them. To think out in every implication the ethic of love for all creation  — this is the difficult task which confronts our age.” Albert Schweitzer



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