Call for Papers – EvoTHEORY workshop submission deadline nearing — 11 Nov. 2007


Natural Museum History


EvoTHEORY — First European Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Artificial Evolution

“A large and continuously increasing number of researchers and professionals make use of bioinspired algorithms (genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolution strategies, differential evolution, particle swarm optimization, evolutionary programming, simulated annealing… and their hybrids [see]) in various application domains. Due to their efficiency and simple underlying principles, these methods can be used in the context of problem solving, optimization, and machine learning.

* * *

“The aim of this workshop is to find common ground among the multitude of theoretical approaches and identify open questions central to the field as a whole.” … (full article)

26-28 March 2008 Naples, Italy

Paper submission by: 11 Nov. 2007

EvoTHEORY chairs:

Jon E. Rowe

Mario Giacobini

Evo* Coordinator and Administrative Contact

Jennifer Willies

Article Source: 2008

Photo Source: Natural Museum History



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