if you build it, they may come — cloud computing and Google code in MySQL


image by Pando

Google as Your Supercomputer — starting in 2009 — Nicolass Carr & Robert X. Cringely

Google is far more than a Search Engine – it’s an entire suite of services and massive datacenter infrastructure [see also] that’s poised to move the next level – to replace much of the datacenter of many corporations and then to become your supercomputer according to Nicolas Carr in a post titled Google’s cloud and Robert Cringely in a Thepulpit article on The Future is Cloudy: Google’s plan to host ALL our applications. According to Cringely:

“‘...Take the $100+ billion that U.S. industry currently spends each year on data center-based computing, cut that price in half and send it straight to the Googleplex.’

“‘..It is one thing to threaten Microsoft Office with Google Apps like Gmail and Google Docs, but Google has so much more in mind and what’s key are Google extensions being placed in MySQL, the open source database that has Google, by far, as its largest user.’

“‘…Here is what’s significant about Google putting code into MySQL: they haven’t done it before.

* * *

Google recently signed with IBM to co-promote cloud computing in universities.

Perhaps building big ‘clouds’ of computing services is the next evolution of services [emphasis by Newcomb] …” (full article)

Alerting Source: WebMetricsGuru –Marshall Spondor

Primary Sources: Rough Type — Nicolas Carr & Thepulpit — Robert Cringely

Photo Source: Panbo

See Software Freedom Center


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