if you build it, they may come — Dixons subscribes to Cogenta NetPrice

Dixons.co.uk subscribes to Cogenta NetPrice for lower customer prices

Dixons.co.uk, the best known online retailer of consumer electronics, is further investing in its customer price promise by subscribing to a service that gives unique competitive data. Cogenta NetPrice will track competitive pricing, promotional information, stock, delivery pricing and exclusives daily, enabling Dixons.co.uk to keep prices for thousands of products at their lowest for its customers.

deVere Forster, E-commerce Director of Dixons.co.uk, explains, “We make a serious commitment to our customers to keep our prices the lowest. By using the Cogenta NetPrice service, we will not only be able to access competitive price data twice daily and make changes to our own prices as necessary – we will also be able to track promotions, stock and delivery pricing.

* * *

The NetPrice service from Cogenta tracks millions of products daily with 100% accuracy.”

* * *

Cogenta provides solutions that enable commercial organisations to gather and analyse information and intelligence quickly and in depth. Solutions are based on rich search and distribution technologies developed over more than 15 years by leaders in the field of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence

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Source: webitpr



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