Hockey stick growth curve for robotic packaging

Kieth Campbell

The robots are coming

On the Edge with Keith Campbell

Posted: October 21, 2007 by Keith Campbell

“We may be OnTheEdge of major growth spurt for robotics on North American packaging lines. That is what some, including Ben Miyares of PMMI, reported at a robotics conference held over the weekend leading up to Pack Expo in Las Vegas.


“According to Mr. Miyares’ research, the 1980 listing of vendors at Pack Expo included no suppliers of robotic packaging equipment. In 1986 the Pack Expo directory included 18 robotic entries, growing to 29 over the subsequent 11 years. The 2007 directory for Pack Expo shows substantial growth to 243 robotic listings. This hockey stick growth curve may have real meaning to the industry. PMMI is in the midst of a study of robotics in packaging, and early indications include the prediction that the penetration of robotics in new packaging lines will double between now and 2012.”

(full article)

Source: On the Edge with Keith Campbell


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