unfortunately virtue serves but one master at a time

The Age of Virtuous Machines


“By: J. Storrs Hall

“In the ‘hard takeoff’ scenario, a psychopathic AI suddenly emerges at a superhuman level, achieving universal dominance. Hall suggests an alternative: we’ve gotten better because we’ve become smarter, so AIs will evolve “unselfish genes” and hyperhuman morality. More honest, capable of deeper understanding, and free of our animal heritage and blindnesses, the children of our minds will grow better and wiser than us, and we will have a new friend and guide–if we work hard to earn the privilege of associating with them.

“Originally published in Beyond AI: Creating the Conscience of the Machine, Ch. 20. Reprinted with permission on KurzweilAI.net May 31, 2007.

‘To you, a robot is a robot. Gears and metal. Electricity and positrons. Mind and iron! Human-made! If necessary, human-destroyed. But you haven’t worked with them, so you don’t know them. They’re a cleaner, better breed than we are.’

—Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

“Ethical AIs

“Over the past decade, the concept of a technological singularity has become better understood. The basic idea is that the process of creating AI and other technological change will be accelerated by AI itself, so that sometime in the coming century the pace of change will become so rapid that we mere mortals won’t be able to keep up, much less control it.”


Original: Kurzweil.net


Pure Virtue

by Tanya Mars

Newcomb’s commentary: “We give to necessity the praise of virtue finding benefit in what’s needful” (“Lavdem virtvtis necessitati damvs”)








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