Semantic Web hardening?

Web Language and Artificial Intelligence Expert Joins Tetherless World Research Constellation

Dr. McGuiness
“Troy, N.Y.— A leading expert in Web research, Deborah L. McGuinness, joins Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an endowed chair of the Tetherless World Research Constellation. One of the creators of the Web language that is ushering in the next generation of the World Wide Web — the OWL Web Ontology Language — McGuinness is widely known in her field. She joins the senior constellation chair, James A. Hendler. Together the two top Web gurus make Rensselaer a leader in Web research.

“’Rensselaer now has two of the top computer scientists in the world who study the Web and Web-based technology,’ Provost Robert Palazzo said. ‘Dr. McGuinness brings her skill and knowledge in Web ontology and reasoning to the research constellation. Together, the researchers will help direct our research on Web technology and their guidance will help lead worldwide efforts to develop the next generation of the World Wide Web.’

“McGuinness comes to Rensselaer from Stanford University where she last led the Knowledge Systems Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Recently, she is best known for her research on the Semantic Web. The next generation of the World Wide Web, the Semantic Web allows computers and other electronics and robotics to communicate and interact without human intervention. It is the fusion of the World Wide Web with artificial intelligence. The Semantic Web uses information encoded in Web ontology languages such as OWL to allow computers to “talk” to one another and understand each other.

“’The Semantic Web is poised to change the way humans and computers interact, enabling Web agents to act as trusted intelligent assistants,’ says McGuinness.” …

Original: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute News & Information


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