News Roundup

Legend Advisory’s Artificial Intelligence, AANN, Recommends Decrease in Domestic Equities Yet Again, Counterintuitive to Fed Rate Cut:

In Surprise Move, AANN Advises Increasing Exposure to Emerging Markets

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Oct 04, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Legend Advisory Corporation, a registered investment adviser, noted that its Asset Allocation Neural Network (AANN), a form of artificial intelligence aimed at forecasting the relative strength of global market sectors, has advised a reduction in allocation to equities once again. This, following AANN’s recommendation to decrease allocations to equities in June of this year, just prior to the stock markets recent volatility. The artificial intelligence program, which is designed to look four months ahead, has alerted Legend’s Investment Committee to lower its domestic equity exposure.


Scavenger Champion

Curious George Showcases UBC Advances in Robotic Vision

By Lorraine Chan

Showing prowess in all these areas is Curious George, LCI’s robot which walked away — or in this case rolled away — with first prize at an international competition this July. * * * The “Semantic Robot Vision Challenge” tested the mettle of each robot through a three-hour scavenger hunt. The competition was held in Vancouver at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence conference and was sponsored by the U.S. National Foundation for Science.


Artificial intelligence ‘sees’ visual illusion:

A study just published in PLoS Computational Biology has reported that an artificial intelligence system trained to make sense of a simulated natural environment is susceptible to some of the same visual illusions that humans fall for. * * * David Corney and Beau Lotto, researchers working in the Lotto Lab (which has a wonderful website by the way), have been training artificial intelligence systems to distinguish surfaces in a simulated natural environment with lots of ‘dead leaf’-like shapes.


Artificial Intelligence in Retail Site Selection

Building “Smart” Retail Performance Models to Increase Forecast Accuracy

Leveraging AI helps untangle the complexity of the many variables influencing sales to give the best possible assessment of potential store performance. Companies that have made the shift toward combining statistics, GIS and AI for location decisions – not just financial estimates – have seen a tremendous benefit on many dimensions, not the least of which is their bottom line. * * * When you combine the hard-dollar costs left on the books with the opportunity costs and negative impact on the brand, the risk/reward equation favors an investment in an AI-based modeling approach to increase the probability of accurately predicting the future.


Artificial intelligence software poised to take over e-learning world

Dr. Claude Frasson, a world-renowned thought leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announced the creation of uMind, a company specializing in the delivery of a patented, second-generation eLearning software. A result of 10 years of research and development, uMind will deliver two pioneering platforms that teach rather than simply deploy content. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, uSim and uLearn estimate, control, and anticipate learner behavior.


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