What animates Singularity Central?

Singularity Central — as a wiki-clearing house for all things singular — emerged before my mind’s eye as I listened to panels of speakers answer questions from the audience during the recent Singularity Summit in San Francisco. The Summit opened my mind to this new frontier, for which I am grateful. Raised on the wind-swept prairies of western Nebraska, I was taught early that one of the most difficult questions in life is: “How can you get even with those who have helped you?”

Singularity Central is my attempt to answer that question.

Over the next few years, the AI/AGI community may find their world transformed radically. Not by their magnificent creations. But by those who see Singularity as a threat to their powers — governmental, military and religious. If Singularity Central can help accelerate Singularity faster than those hostile to Singularity can react systematically, my hopes will be fulfilled.


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